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Strong (Digital Single) Strong - Single taken from the Debut Album ‘Lost In Love’. Download includes WAV, MP3 and Digital Artwork.



  • Digital Artwork

'Strong' is an empowering song that captures the essence of overcoming fears and reclaiming personal power. It stands out as a favourite on the album due to its inspiring message and the sheer strength it instills in listeners.

Natasha reflects on her own experiences of heartbreak, realising that it ultimately made them stronger and fostered self-love and confidence. The lyrics serve as a reminder of the artist's personal triumphs over fear, evoking a sense of resilience and empowerment.

Lose yourself on a romantic journey and be transported to another world. ‘Lost In Love’ Natasha Hardy’s debut album, a collection of original self-penned love songs, inspired by her passions, heartaches and the fairy-tale fantasies that falling in love can bring. From the orchestral led ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Tempest In My Heart’ to the heart wrenching ‘Take Me Home’ Natasha’s beautiful vocals seamlessly unite the contemporary/operatic divide. With the cinematic inspired arrangements comprising orchestral, Celtic and ambient elements, ‘Lost In Love’ brings a new twist to classical music.