The Beautiful Debut Album


‘Lost In Love’ is Natasha Hardy’s debut album, a collection of original self-penned love songs, inspired by her passions, heartaches and the fairy-tale fantasies that falling in love can bring.

From the orchestral led ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Tempest In My Heart’ to the heart wrenching ‘Take Me Home’ Natasha’s beautiful vocals seamlessly unite the contemporary/operatic divide.

With the cinematic inspired arrangements comprising orchestral, Celtic and ambient elements, ‘Lost In Love’ brings a new twist to classical music.

Lose yourself on a romantic journey and be transported to another world.


This mesmerising music video has a cinematic quality and showcases Natasha’s beautiful vocals and song writing skills. One listen and you will be swept away, transported to Natasha’s romantic world of enchantment, passion and romance. A mid-tempo song, which introduces itself with a delicate blend of voice and piano, building gently with harp and strings, leading to an intricate orchestral arrangement, climaxing with a powerful finale reminiscent of an epic film score you wish you had heard before.

Producer & Art Director: Natasha Hardy
Director of Photography & Editor: Steven Wheeler


Mi Ritiro is a slow tempo Italian lyrical ballad that captures Natasha’s beautiful vocals, which seamlessly unite the contemporary/operatic divide. The self-penned song literally translated ‘I Retreat’ introduces itself with Natasha’s ethereal vocals emerging gently from the piano and glass harmonica styled intro, building into her full classical voice over the simple yet elegant cinematic orchestration reminiscent of an old Italian movie.

Of the lyrics, Natasha explains “Sometimes we can unknowingly romanticise someone and make them into a version that we want to believe; this song is about the realization of having to unravel that and return to yourself whole, ready to tell a new story”.

Producer & Art Director: Natasha Hardy
Director of Photography & Editor: Laurence Hardy


Natasha’s latest single Enter the Gate is a smooth relaxing mid-tempo English lyrical ballad. Natasha’s enchanting vocals instantly capture your attention as they gently emerge over the classically inspired flute and harp introduction. As the song unfolds with an elegant cinematic orchestration, alongside an uplifting choral arrangement, Natasha’s message of love is conveyed beautifully whilst her classical voice shines through.

Producer & Art Director: Natasha Hardy
Director of Photography & Editor: Steven Wheeler