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One World Music Radio Album Review

"There comes into everyone’s life now and then, an unbridled beauty of musical mastery, this time it is in the form of a vocal album entitled 'Lost in Love'."

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Classical Crossover Magazine Review

"Once in a blue moon, that rare treat comes along – a whole album of completely new music in the classical crossover style."

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Sarah Major, BBC Radio Sheffield

"Secular with sacred overtones, an amazing voice."

Gigride Radio

"Her voice reminds me of Evanescence, super powerful!"

Bill Rennells, BBC Radio

"Natasha Hardy - A lovely new Crossover Soprano."

Top 30

"Angelic, haunting and ethereal."

KPBS Music

"With an incredible voice, 'In Too Deep' is an evocative, cinematic-song delivered with gentle energy by Hardy."

Spirit Radio Ireland

"Our Chart Breaker song of the week... 'In Too Deep' - A wonderful new song."

John Harvey, Classical Crossover Magazine

"Once in a blue moon, that rare treat comes along - a whole album of completely new music in the classical crossover style... a gorgeous debut album."

Moodmaster Jukebook Playlist

"This is stunning, she is really special and the marriage of her vocal and the accompanying orchestration is breath-taking."

Planet Hugill, A World of Classical Music

"Not strictly classical, but with enough interesting inspirations and references (from Enya to the classically inspired piano accompaniment)."

Phil Lickley, Bradford Community Broadcasting

"Amazing, what a beautiful voice."

Calon FM

"I know of no other CC artist quite like Natasha, and she sand three inspiring songs from her album 'Lost In Love'. Both vocals and backing were exquisite for 'Take Me Home', 'In Too Deep' and finally her new single 'Enter The Gate'."

VENTS Magazine

"Natasha Hardy's angelic and haunting vocals brings you a modern yet timeless twist to classical music."

Chantelle Constable, Classical Crossover Magazine

"Classical Crossover Magazine was trilled to feature Natasha Hardy in our winter issue. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to following her surely-brilliant career."

Sam Liddicott, Music Musing and Such

"A great emerging Classical Crossover artist new ground and introducing people to a new type of sound."

Paul Coia, BBC Radio Berkshire

"Absolutely beautiful."

Paul Lucas, Celtic Music Radio

"A cracking song!"

Fleaur Ostojak, BBC Radio Oxford

"'In Too Deep' is a mid-tempo song with a beautiful combination of voice and piano which builds up to the hard and strings! The song builds to reach an outstanding climax."

Chrissie and Steve, One World Music Radio

"A unique album, each track is crafted with such a wonderfully fluent skill set of sublime vocal constructions, and a rich tapestry of multi-instrumentation. No stone, no emotion has been left unturned in the making of this collection of great songs."

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