‘Bright Eyes’ is a song of beauty where the listener can find comfort, healing and solace. 

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About 'Bright Eyes'

'Natasha Hardy’s single 'Bright Eyes' is the first single to be released from a collection of hand-picked cover songs. Her haunting vocals and stunning, classically inspired piano line, combined with the beautiful harp and violin arrangement, leaves you nostalgic with an intimate, soothing insight into the world of the unknown. Natasha has once again brought her modern yet timeless, classical perspective into the spotlight.

This album as a whole is based on the theme of love; wanting it, finding it, or losing it.  All of the songs were written from personal experience on some level and I am hoping you will connect with my songs and lose yourself in the musical journey I have created. I am so proud of the album, but most of all I am so proud that my stories are now ready to be part of your story.


Find comfort, healing and solace in this soul soothing song about the unknown of losing someone and the wonderings that follow.