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Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / Chantelle Constable – Classical Crossover magazine was thrilled to feature Natasha Hardy in our winter issue. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to following her surely-brilliant career.


Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / John Harvey – “Once in a blue moon, that rare treat comes along – a whole album of completely new music in the classical crossover style…a gorgeous debut album.”


VENTS Magazine – “Natasha Hardy’s angelic and haunting vocals brings you a modern yet timeless twist to classical music.”


MUSIC MUSINGS AND SUCH / Sam Liddicott – “A great emerging Classical crossover artist breaking new ground and introducing people to a new type of sound.”


KPBS Music Blog – “With an incredible voice, ‘In Too Deep’ is an evocative, cinematic-song delivered with gentle energy by Hardy.”


Planet Hugill – A world of Classical Music – “Not strictly classical, but with enough interesting inspirations and references (from Enya to the classically inspired piano accompaniment).”


Classical Crossover Magazine, Calon FM Fundraising Concert -“I know of no other CC artist quite like Natasha, and she sang three inspiring songs from her album ‘Lost in Love’. Both vocals and backing were exquisite for ‘Take Me Home’, ‘In Too Deep’ and finally her new single ‘Enter The Gate’.”




Breakfast on BBC Radio Sheffield

Therapy Through A Lense

Women of Substance

Conversations with Natasha Hardy

Calon FM 105FM / Jan Rawlinson

Womens Radio Station, UK / Stefania Passamonte

Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / Chantelle Constable

Music, Musings and Such / Sam Liddicott

Vents Magazine

BCB 106.6fm / Phil Lickley Show

David Snape / David Snape Show



CeltCast Community Radio

BBC Radio Berkshire, Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Kent – Classic music with Bill Rennells – “Natasha Hardy, a lovely new Crossover Soprano.”

BBC Radio Berkshire – Paul Coia Show – “Absolutely beautiful.”

BBC Radio Sheffield – Sarah Major Show – “Secular with sacred overtones… amazing, a beautiful voice.”

SPIRIT Radio Ireland – Brian Farrell – “Our chart Breaker song of the week.”

BCB 106.6fm Bradford Community Broadcasting – Phil Lickley – “Amazing what a beautiful voice.”

Kent Christian Radio

BCFM Bristol Community Radio 93.2fm

Gigride Radio – “Her voice reminds me of Evanescence, super powerful!”

Moodmaster Jukebook Playlist – “This is stunning, she is really special and the marriage of her vocal and the accompanying orchestration is breath-taking.”

Top 40 – “Angelic, haunting and ethereal.”

Chillout Tree Pines Radio

Shoreditch Radio – Real Musik Show

Canalside Radio

Womens Radio Station

Calon 105 FM –  Jannie Rawlinson – “Natasha was an incredible guest on our Classical X Over 4 U show. We promoted her incredible album ‘Lost in Love’ and can’t wait to have her in the studio again.”

CRMK Radio Station

Sarah Major Radio


The Joy FM

Celtic Music Radio –  Paul & Mark – “A cracking song!.”

Classical Crossover Magazine USA Facebook Live Concert 

Abbey 104 Radio – Just Trad Jazz Show

One World Music Radio – The Voice

Lonely Oak Radio

She Wolf Radio

Radio TFSC

Discover YOU Radio LLC

North Manchester FM – Lunchtime with Joe

One World Music Radio – The Voice #21

One World Music Radio – The Voice #22

One World Music Radio – The Voice #23

CeltCast Community Radio

Sound Radio 103.1

Mersey Radio – WWK Unsigned & Signed with Billy Kelly




Viking Destiny / Feature Film with Terence Stamp / Misfits Entertainment (Licencing for the song Strong)



Selection of Fan Reviews/letters:


UK & Europe


Just finished listening to the album, it’s a masterpiece, stunning vocals. Even the packaging was great. I thoroughly recommend this to any music lover. Can’t wait for the next album. Howard Wood, UK


I have just listened to Natasha’s album, Lost in Love. It is wonderful to hear and album of completely original compositions as classical crossover. Natasha has such a beautiful voice. A very talented lady. – Kevin Wrapson, UK


I found Natasha’s debut album a real piece of musical mastery. She has a very strong gentle ethereal almost choral voice. On my way to work and on my way back her voice soothes me. Looking forward to her next piece of art. – Lawrence Haworth, UK


You are beautiful with a beautiful voice. Your music and the scenery are dreamy and transports us in this nature where you are one. I sincerely hope that the release in November is a real success for you. You deserve it. With the purity and sweetness of your voice you carry love deep in our heart. – Dominic Vandesmet, France


Just received the cd, very emotional and beautifully arranged. – Terje Breisteinslien, Norway


I really like her voice, and for me it sounds like an angel… when I listen to her songs it’s like I’m traversing into another dimension or universe, it feels like it’s taking me into a dream, into a fantasy world. – Jeff Belo, Italy


Una delle voci più belle per volare nella musica /One of the most beautiful voices to fly in music. – Pierluigi Sabatini, Italy


Really enjoyed listening to your music and especially the lyrics and being in the moment. It definitely lived up to expectations. – Sean O’Loughlin, UK


I received my copy of your album today many thanks, I am now sat here listening to a beautiful voice and loving the album. Keep up the good work – David Darby, UK


Hi Natasha, I’d like to start by saying how much I adore your work. You’ve a stunning voice! It makes me smile and relaxed when I hear you sing. – Paul Green, UK


Natasha has a superb voice and sings such beautiful songs. Classical Crossover maybe but different. I am an instant fan. – Ron Davis, UK



USA and Rest of the World

Natasha’s music is ethereal. She has two original songs out: “In Too Deep” and “Mi Ritiro”. Both bring out her strong classical vocals with beautiful arrangements to compliment her style. She has a forthcoming album “Lost in Love” that is sure to please if you love haunting vocals with an orchestra backdrop. She also has a couple of cover songs on YouTube that shows her versatility. If you haven’t heard her music, check out the above-mentioned songs. You will not be disappointed. – Anthony Butler, USA


Her voice is beautiful and the videos are stunning like her. Vicki L. Hewitt, USA

She is amazing – Kenjiro Ishiki, Japan


She has a beautiful voice that sounds like an angel. – Bruce Crater, USA


You’re incredible your talent is amazing just such a beautiful person inside and out…I just want to say with great privilege thank you your music really inspires me. – Michael Douglas Huff, USA

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