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Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / Chantelle Constable – Classical Crossover magazine was thrilled to feature Natasha Hardy in our winter issue. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to following her surely-brilliant career.


Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / John Harvey – “Once in a blue moon, that rare treat comes along – a whole album of completely new music in the classical crossover style…a gorgeous debut album.”


VENTS Magazine – “Natasha Hardy’s angelic and haunting vocals brings you a modern yet timeless twist to classical music.” 


MUSIC MUSINGS AND SUCH / Sam Liddicott – “A great emerging Classical crossover artist breaking new ground and introducing people to a new type of sound.”


KPBS Music Blog – “With an incredible voice, ‘In Too Deep’ is an evocative, cinematic-song delivered with gentle energy by Hardy.”


Planet Hugill – A world of Classical Music – “Not strictly classical, but with enough interesting inspirations and references (from Enya to the classically inspired piano accompaniment).”





Calon FM 105FM / Jan Rawlinson

Womens Radio Station, UK / Stefania Passamonte

Classical Crossover Magazine, USA / Chantelle Constable

Music, Musings and Such / Sam Liddicott

Vents Magazine

BCB 106.6fm / Phil Lickley Show

David Snape / David Snape Show





BBC Radio Berkshire, Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Kent – Classic music with Bill Rennells – “Natasha Hardy, a lovely new Crossover Soprano.”

BBC Radio Berkshire – Paul Coia Show – “Absolutely beautiful.”

BBC Radio Sheffield – Sarah Major Show – “Secular with sacred overtones… amazing, a beautiful voice.”

SPIRIT Radio Ireland – Brian Farrell – “Our chart Breaker song of the week.”

BCB 106.6fm Bradford Community Broadcasting – Phil Lickley – “Amazing what a beautiful voice.”

Kent Christian Radio

BCFM Bristol Community Radio 93.2fm 

Gigride Radio – “Her voice reminds me of Evanescence, super powerful!”

Moodmaster Jukebook Playlist – “This is stunning, she is really special and the marriage of her vocal and the accompanying orchestration is breath-taking.”

Top 40 – “Angelic, haunting and ethereal.”

Chillout Tree Pines Radio

Shoreditch Radio – Real Musik Show

Canalside Radio

Womens Radio Station

Calon 105 FM –  Jannie Rawlinson – “Natasha was an incredible guest on our Classical X Over 4 U show. We promoted her incredible album ‘Lost in Love’ and can’t wait to have her in the studio again.”




Viking Destiny / Feature Film with Terence Stamp / Misfits Entertainment (Licencing for the song Strong)



Selection of Fan Reviews/letters:


UK & Europe


Just finished listening to the album, it’s a masterpiece, stunning vocals. Even the packaging was great. I thoroughly recommend this to any music lover. Can’t wait for the next album. Howard Wood, UK


I have just listened to Natasha’s album, Lost in Love. It is wonderful to hear and album of completely original compositions as classical crossover. Natasha has such a beautiful voice. A very talented lady. – Kevin Wrapson, UK


I found Natasha’s debut album a real piece of musical mastery. She has a very strong gentle ethereal almost choral voice. On my way to work and on my way back her voice soothes me. Looking forward to her next piece of art. – Lawrence Haworth, UK


You are beautiful with a beautiful voice. Your music and the scenery are dreamy and transports us in this nature where you are one. I sincerely hope that the release in November is a real success for you. You deserve it. With the purity and sweetness of your voice you carry love deep in our heart. – Dominic Vandesmet, France


Just received the cd, very emotional and beautifully arranged. – Terje Breisteinslien, Norway


I really like her voice, and for me it sounds like an angel… when I listen to her songs it’s like I’m traversing into another dimension or universe, it feels like it’s taking me into a dream, into a fantasy world. – Jeff Belo, Italy


Una delle voci più belle per volare nella musica /One of the most beautiful voices to fly in music. – Pierluigi Sabatini, Italy


Really enjoyed listening to your music and especially the lyrics and being in the moment. It definitely lived up to expectations. – Sean O’Loughlin, UK


I received my copy of your album today many thanks, I am now sat here listening to a beautiful voice and loving the album. Keep up the good work – David Darby, UK


Hi Natasha, I’d like to start by saying how much I adore your work. You’ve a stunning voice! It makes me smile and relaxed when I hear you sing. – Paul Green, UK


Natasha has a superb voice and sings such beautiful songs. Classical Crossover maybe but different. I am an instant fan. – Ron Davis, UK



USA and Rest of the World

Natasha’s music is ethereal. She has two original songs out: “In Too Deep” and “Mi Ritiro”. Both bring out her strong classical vocals with beautiful arrangements to compliment her style. She has a forthcoming album “Lost in Love” that is sure to please if you love haunting vocals with an orchestra backdrop. She also has a couple of cover songs on YouTube that shows her versatility. If you haven’t heard her music, check out the above-mentioned songs. You will not be disappointed. – Anthony Butler, USA


Her voice is beautiful and the videos are stunning like her. Vicki L. Hewitt, USA

She is amazing – Kenjiro Ishiki, Japan


She has a beautiful voice that sounds like an angel. – Bruce Crater, USA


You’re incredible your talent is amazing just such a beautiful person inside and out…I just want to say with great privilege thank you your music really inspires me. – Michael Douglas Huff, USA


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