Lose yourself on a musical romantic journey and be transported to another world.

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Natasha Hardy Bio

As a singer songwriter, my goal is twofold; to write songs that evoke the emotional delicacy and powerful heart and to convey those emotions through capturing the nuance of both the vulnerability and strength in the voice. 

My music combines both the New Age and Classical Crossover genre, alongside Folk and Celtic leanings. As a classical and contemporary trained musician, I have spent many years perfecting her vocals that seamlessly unite the contemporary/operatic divide. My voice has been described as angelic, haunting and ethereal, I bind and balance these elements together to create aural works of art. 

My debut Album, ‘Lost in Love’, is a collection of self-penned love songs inspired by her passions, heartaches and the fairy-tale fantasies that falling in love can bring. With the cinematic inspired arrangements comprising operatic, orchestral, Celtic and ambient elements ‘Lost in Love’ takes you on an emotional journey, directly transporting you to the voice of the heart. 

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