Patron Upgrade

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on May 27 2022

I have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to upgrade my Patron Membership for YOU! Since the release of my debut album, I have amassed some beautiful, amazing and compassionate fans like yourself and I couldn’t be happier!

Want to find out more about my Patron Membership? Carry on reading…


Tell us about your Patron Membership? 

Since the release of my debut album, I have amassed some beautiful, amazing and compassionate fans all over the world and I wanted to create a special place that my fans can come together to see more of what goes into my life as a musician, songwriter and artist and be with me for the next part of my musical journey. 

With my upgraded Patron community, you will be able to support my new music creations and have access to an exclusive view of what goes into my life and work as artist! 


Why are you upgrading your Patron Membership? 

It had always been a goal of mine to introduce a ‘Bronze’ tier level and over the past few months, I have had quite a few requests to introduce a lower tiered level so I thought that there was no better time to start!  

I really wanted to upgrade my current packages so they included some exciting new rewards. I don’t think I quite realised how important my Patron community would be to me. After having my Patron community up and running for just over a year, I have realised that it not only means a lot to me, but also a lot to my fans. So, I wanted to invest a bit more time and give back to those who have supported me. 


How does being a Patron help you as a musician? 

One of the things that surprised me about my regular Meet & Greet’s was how quickly my fans can become so special to me! They interact and join in every month and it is so lovely to be able to speak freely about what is coming up, what I have been going through and all the news happening in my life. It is a genuine relationship which I have discovered is very meaningful to me. In turn, these Meet & Greets help me focus because I know how much my music means to my fans.  


What is your favourite part about your Patron Community? 

My favourite part of my Patron community is as much as my fans get to know me a little bit better, I have also got to know them! From pets’ names, to favourite foods, their holidays and favourite films, I feel like I am part of the community rather than it being a stream of me talking about myself. It is very rewarding to interact with my fans!  


What do your different Patron Membership tiers include? 

I have introduced a new lower tier which is called the ‘Bronze’ tier level as well as my usual ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ packages which have undergone an amazing upgrade. To find out what is included in each membership tier, click here to go to my Patron page!


Date: 27/05/2022

Interviewer: Emily Carter

Interviewee: Natasha Hardy