‘Musings of the Heart’ - Motivation ❤️

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on October 20 2023

Hello and welcome to this month's ‘Musings of the Heart’ monthly journal. Can you believe that September has gone by so quickly? It has been an awesome month; I have really enjoyed September. I hope you had a good one. 

It feels like a new beginning, doesn't it? We’re all back to school, back to work, summer is coming to an end.  

It starts making me think of what I want to accomplish, three quarters of the year has already passed by and I’m starting to think about what I can achieve in the rest of the year.  


September’s word of the month: MOTIVATION 

This month I thought I would talk about the word ‘Motivation’.  

I am feeling especially motivated as I am now in my new studio. I feel like a hobbit that has her home back because, as you may or may not know, I moved home a couple of years ago.  

Before I moved, I had a studio at the bottom of my garden. However, when we moved into our new house, I had to work in our spare room while I waited for my new studio to be created.  

Now, I have a lovely little cabin at the bottom of my new garden! So, I feel like I have come back home again, and I feel ready and motivated to work.  

I am so excited already to be sharing this next part of my musical journey with you.  


What's happening musically? 

As I mentioned briefly in last months ‘Musings of the Heart’, I have started getting ready to release my covers album and I have started to write again. 

The wonderful thing about beginning the writing process is that once you have one idea then the next one seems to pop into your head as you’re writing so I have a few songs ready for my follow up album to ‘Lost In Love’ on the go at the moment! 

What is most exciting about this new album is that I feel like it is starting to take on a new theme.  

I’m exploring the deep emotions we feel. It really interests me how we all manage and convey our emotions mentally and physically, how our minds connect and unite. We are all on this emotional rollercoaster called ‘life’, on this amazing place we call ‘planet earth’.  

Having human experiences is something that is intrinsic to being a human, but we don’t always talk about our emotional experiences and how they affect us.  

Our emotional experiences lead us down different pathways; I feel like we are like trees. We have many branches; we could go into a new branch every day if we wanted too. That’s what makes us grow as humans. We need to take our time to reflect on our emotions and how we can learn and grow as people.  

I feel I’m being motivated by all the things that have inspired me before and are now bringing my artistry to a new level. I am excited to see where it goes and to share with you along the way.  

Being ‘Queen of the Forest’, I find that I am reflective in nature. I feel so connected with the natural world so when I’m surrounded in nature, I feel grounded. Having my new wooden cabin studio has helped so much! 

I have high hopes for this album, and I will keep my wonderful exclusive subscribers updated along the way.  


Personal Update 

I thought I would give you a quick personal update! 

Pearl and I are finding our feet, as all animal lovers do when you lose your friend. Of course, I miss Pippa terribly, but life must go on.  

I feel like when you are going through a grieving process, life is relentless. But also, it motivates you to make the most of life and to grab all the opportunities that come towards you.  

That's how I feel at the moment, I am very grateful to be here and to be sharing this journey with you. Hopefully you see me growing as an artist now I have found myself at one with nature and feel very free.  

If there are any takeaways from this, I hope you can get out into nature, feel grounded, feel free and enjoy the close of summer as we enter the beginning of a new season. The timing feels very appropriate for me, so I am really excited. 

In love and light,  



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