Blue Heart

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on November 08 2021

Introducing my Blue Heart collection based on one of my favourite paintings Blue HeartThis painting, entitled ‘Blue Heart’, encompasses the theme of new love and hope. It is very dear to me as it represents the healing of a bruised and heavy heart. I believe that the elemental aspects of nature can nourish us to grow stronger, emotionally and physically. During the healing process, the calmness of nature can help to ease the sadness so we can find freedom and the ability to take charge of our own lives.

Find out all about my inspirations for this piece as well as more about my artistic world!


What was the ‘Blue Heart’ painting inspired by?  

My ‘Blue Heart’ painting was inspired by my emotions. I wanted to make a painting that encapsulated the feeling of healing. I started to envisage how I could put the process of healing onto a canvas. Specifically healing our hearts, if we have ever been in pain or sorrow, we have to go through a process of healing and this is what I wanted the ‘Blue Heart’ painting to represent.  

I knew that a heart needed to be the focus of the painting and that I wanted the painting to be based on a blue colour palette. Bearing this in mind, I started with a blue heart to represent the initial sadness. This then, heart by heart, formed into a white heart which represents the lightness of a healing heart. The final heart being healed.  

When thinking of the healing process, I thought about what heals us. I came to the conclusion that the things than tend to heal us is having peace in our lives, and the elemental aspects of nature. I know that being in nature, the calmness of the sea and sky, helps me to heal. So, I thought I would bring the leaves into the bottom of the painting and the sky being behind the heart to represent this calmness. The positioning of the hearts are being drawn up and out of the earth and the healing energy from the earth are going into the blue heart and healing them until they turn white.  

The painting has this all-encompassing feeling of love and healing through the circle of life.  

I wanted the painting to visually be aesthetically pleasing, as I really like looking at a painting and feeling calm. Hopefully, the viewer will get that same feeling when they see my ‘Blue Heart’ painting. I hope that they can look at it, with a cup of coffee in their hand, and feel the healing energy. 




Can you describe your dream art project?  

That’s a good question. A dream of mine always has been to use my paintings and get them silk screen printed onto material. I want to use the material to make costumes that I could perform in. I would be wrapped up in my art as I am being an artist. This is a dream I hope to achieve at some point! 


Would you consider collaborating with another artist and if so, who would you like to collaborate with?  

I would definitely consider collaborating with another artist but it would really depend on the project.  

For instance, if it was something like costume design for my artistic dream that I mentioned before, then I would collaborate with a costumier who could bring my visualisation to life. I know that there is only so much I can do on my own and that sometimes two heads are better than one!  

Collaborating when creating an actual painting together, I think would be quite difficult for me. However, exploring the idea would be very interesting.  

There is an artist who is also a music producer, called Ryan Louder. He has Narcolepsy which happens to be the fuel for his creativity! His paintings are absolutely amazing and it would be interesting to be creating in a room with him or to be sharing a canvas. We also have similar creative lives as we are both artists and musicians, we would have a lot to talk about and I would love to work with him in the future!  


How is your personality reflected in your artwork?  

This is an interesting question; I think the lighter side of my personality is reflected in my artwork. Although I talk about deep subject matters, like a heavy heart and the circle of life, I do feel like it always ends up being quite light and colourful which is a huge part of my personality. If you have been on the darker side of things, it can pull you down, but I want my art to pull me up. I want others to feel lighter when they view my artwork. 


What’s your dream goal with your art?  

My dream goal with my artwork is to carry on painting alongside my music. I find that one inspires the other, I think that painting regularly and exploring new ideas, helps to inspire my music. I haven’t got an end goal, as such, in regards to my art. It is a lifelong passion and it will continue to grow alongside my music; it’s an extension of who I am. Let’s just see what the future holds.  

I love being able to share my art with the world. With modern technology, I can make products with my artwork, I feel like they can become part of our lives.  

I use my Pink Magnolia mug almost every day and me and the Poodles use my Pink Magnolia blanket. I love how it gives my art another dimension and another life which wasn’t previously possible. To be able to share that with my fans and followers, that my artwork can become a part of their lives and journey, I think that is really special.


Date: 08/11/2021

Interviewer: Emily Carter

Interviewee: Natasha Hardy