Song Stories - Into The West

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on June 09 2023


'Into The West' holds a special place in my heart. It's a beautiful and enchanting song written for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, originally performed by the talented Annie Lennox.

I am a huge Lord of The Rings Fan so when choosing songs to pick to cover for my album of classic covers I knew this would have to be top of the list!

The recording process for 'Into The West' began with the incredibly talented pianist, Stefano Marzanni, recording and arranging the mesmerising and meandering piano line that sets the tone for the song.

In the comfort of my own home studio, I poured my heart and soul into recording the vocals, aiming to capture the essence of the song's emotional depth.

To further enhance the musical arrangement, I collaborated with my wonderful producer, Tom E Morrison. Together, we meticulously crafted the additional orchestration that gracefully builds and elevates the song. The elegant orchestral arrangement adds depth and richness to the composition, immersing the listener in the journey of enchantment and wonder.

To complete the track we were joined by the talented Emma Arizza, whose remarkable violin performance adds a sparkling touch to the song. Her contribution perfectly complements the enchanting atmosphere created by the piano and orchestration, enhancing the overall experience of the music.

The story behind 'Into The West' holds a special significance for me. It was not only a highly requested song by my incredible musical family, but it also holds profound personal meaning. As the end-credit song of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, it encapsulates a sense of hope and new beginnings.

To me, 'Into The West' symbolises the journey of transformation and the realisation that as one chapter closes, another one opens. It is a song of hope and anticipation as we approach the end of one adventure, knowing that new and exciting unknown horizons await us. The wistful storytelling lyrics and the delicate production reminiscent of Enya's style allow the listener to interpret the song's meaning in their own unique way.

I am thrilled to share 'Into The West' with you, I hope that my rendition of this beautiful song touches your heart and transports you to the magical realms of Middle-Earth. Stay tuned for more musical journeys, as I continue to explore and share my modern yet timeless classical perspective with you.



I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the background of ‘Into The West'!

Sending you love and light,

Natasha x


To watch the 'Into The West' music video, click here!