Song Stories - Enter The Gate

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on June 09 2023

Hi there!

For me, writing and making music is all about the art of expression; expression of my feelings, my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams. I have always found such comfort and release from being able to write from my heart, so I hope the story of ‘Enter the Gate’ gives you a little more insight into my world as a human and as an artist.


The Story Behind ‘Enter The Gate’

Time is the greatest healer they say, and for the most part I believe that is true. However, something that I find profoundly healing is the gift of music. Music to me helps me move from reality to another world where I can find myself on a whole new level, whether that ultimately be physically or spiritually.

Have you ever put a song on and it makes you want to dance?
Have you ever listened to a song that just makes you want to cry?
Have you ever heard a piece of music that just allows you to drift, drift into your own inner consciousness and be one with yourself and the whole world?

‘Yes’ I hear you cry! It happens to me all the time too! Well that is what I hope happens when you listen to my song ‘Enter The Gate’.

I really hope that my song touches your soul and that it may become part of your life as it is part of mine.



When I wrote ‘Enter the Gate’, the title of the song just seemed to sum up everything that I was trying to explain in one phrase, but it wasn’t until later that I realised this phrase had been used before.

I am really interested in self-discovery, learning about our feelings and what makes us human. So, over the years, I have read a lot of books, by different authors, about the self, self-improvement and transformation into our best self.

It was actually when I was reading a book called ‘Fear No Evil’ by Eva Pierrakos and Donovan Thesenga, that I came across the phrase ‘Enter the Gate’. In the book they talk about entering the ‘gates of our emotions' and about fear being an illusion. When we go through the gate that we are fearful of, we go on to discovering our true self.

Sometimes I feel like the little voice in my head, who is always telling me ‘everything will be okay’, is the part of me which inspires me to never give up. I try to live life to the full as much as I possibly can, even when I have to smile through any pain or hardship. I get to the point where I ‘Enter The Gate’ of non-resistance, I feel like everything will be, and is, okay.

My song ‘Enter the Gate’ is for anyone who is going through any kind of transition physically, emotionally or spiritually and I hope it gives a message of peace, love and comfort to any who are in need.



I hope this blog has given you some insight into why ‘Enter The Gate’ is such a precious song to me, and I hope it can bring you some peace and comfort.

Sending you love and light,

Natasha x


To watch the ‘Enter The Gate’ music video, click here!