Song Stories - Bright Eyes

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on June 09 2023


Introducing ‘Bright Eyes’! I can’t wait for you to listen to my cover of this wonderful song. I hope it brings comfort and healing to the listener as it did for me.

Let me take you through the inspirations and behind-the-scenes of my cover version of ‘Bright Eyes’.

The decision to record a cover song was driven by a personal experience. After the release of my album ‘Lost In Love’, I faced the loss of my dear father to Prostate Cancer. It was an incredibly challenging time for me. During that period, I found solace in songs that reminded me of my childhood and the wonderful memories with my Dad.

One of those songs was ‘Bright Eyes', which holds a special place in my heart as it is from one of my favourite childhood films, ‘Watership Down’. Unable to write new original material, I decided to artistically express myself by creating my own cover version of this meaningful song.

The process of creating and recording ‘Bright Eyes’ was a unique experience, especially since it took place during lockdown. I embarked on a search for a new producer and serendipitously discovered Peter ‘Ren’ Renfree, based in Nashville, USA. Ren proved to be not only talented but also patient and understanding of my emotional state. He supported me through the ups and downs of the journey, despite the challenges we faced remotely.

I shared my vision with Ren, expressing the desire to create a Celtic-inspired, stripped-back, raw rendition of the song that would reflect my emotions. To bring this vision to life, I enlisted the help of my wonderful friend and accompanist, Stefano Marzanni, who recorded the beautiful piano arrangements for my ‘Lost in Love’ album. Ren helped me connect with two more exceptional musicians to complement the piano arrangement.

Dirje Childs, an amazing cellist, brought a comforting and ethereal quality to the mix with her recording from her home studio in Texas. Her cello arrangement added a layer of calming lushness to the track.

Michele Gazich, an incredible Italian folk violinist, infused the song with his recognisable and personal style, recording his violin parts in Italy. His beautiful runs and melodies added depth and beauty to the overall composition.

Ren expertly layered all the performances together, and I recorded the final vocals, which I aimed to imbue with raw emotion. Ren's pristine and timeless production combined the contributions of these talented musicians, resulting in a simple yet vibrant piece of work. I am forever grateful to Ren for being my musical rock during this healing process.

While recording ‘Bright Eyes’, I found immense enjoyment and appreciation in collaborating with Ren and the musicians. Working remotely and hearing their initial takes and unedited arrangements gave me goosebumps. As for the vocals, the recording process was cathartic and personal. Without a sound engineer or assistants, I dedicated time and attention to capture some of the rawest vocals I have ever recorded.

Since the release of my debut album ‘Lost In Love’, my singing style has evolved in certain ways. While it wasn't a deliberate choice, the recording of ‘Bright Eyes’ allowed me to tap into deeper emotional depths. The vocals on this cover exhibit more depth and rawness, reflecting the emotions that flowed naturally during the recording process.

The lyrics of ‘Bright Eyes’ hold a deeper meaning to me. They touch upon the difficult subject of loss and wandering. The opening lines, "Is it a kind of dream, floating out on the tide," resonated with me as they encapsulated the feeling of being adrift and navigating through the unknown after losing a loved one.

I hope that my cover version of ‘Bright Eyes’ touches your heart and brings solace, as it did for me. Beauty can emerge from dark times and provide a sense of healing and peace.

‘Bright Eyes’ for me serves as a reminder of the power of music to heal and connect with others on an emotional level. It inspires me to continue exploring songs that hold personal significance and create heartfelt renditions that resonate.



I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the background of ‘Bright Eyes'!

Sending you love and light,

Natasha x


To watch the 'Bright Eyes' music video, click here!