Classical XOVER 4U Interview

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on December 21 2021

To celebrate a wonderful year of Classical Crossover music, I thought it would be nice to share my interview with the lovely Jannie Rawlinson!

Keep reading to find out all things ‘Lost in Love’ through Jannie’s interview with myself on her radio show Classical XOver 4U.


Hello and welcome to another week of Classical Crossover on Classical XOver 4U, we’ve got the lovely Natasha Hardy in the studio with us. Hello Natasha, how are you? 

I’m okay, thank you for having me this evening, Jannie. 

You’re very, very welcome, I can’t wait to hear your album.  

Thank you, I’m very excited to be here and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.  


Of course, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. And I have to say, that the majority of, well, everything you wrote yourself, didn’t you?  

Yes, I wrote all the songs myself.  

Fantastic. Oh, my goodness, that’s amazing. So, do you like writing for yourself? How long have you been writing for?  

Well, I suppose I have been writing since I was a teenager. I didn’t realise I was actually writing when I was a teenager, it was only when I got older, I realised when I was taking singing lessons that I started actively writing songs.  

I used to write a lot of dance music as my voice wasn’t mature enough. Some of these songs have been in the making for a few years, I’ve been waiting for the point where they are going to sound like I imagine. The album is a combination of a three-year project really. It took a year to get the songs finished, then a year to get them all arranged. Then, I have spent the last three months beginning to promote the album, so it’s been a long time in the making. It’s so exciting now that I am getting to share these songs that I have written!  


Absolutely, absolutely. So, where do you start when you write a song? 

*Both Laugh*  

For me, I cocoon myself up, I’ve got a house which has an attic, I hide myself away and I remember all of the things that have happened in my life. I chose one particular moment or memory and I start writing about my feelings. For me, lyrics will always come first; I am very lyric driven. As soon as I start writing the lyrics, a melody starts forming in my head. I’ll then sit next to a piano, and I will start. That’s where it starts, it starts small and gradually. Some songs take hours to write but it can take months to complete them. Some songs take months to write, then a few days or hours to complete.  


Do you do it on your own, Natasha, or do you have a co-writer? 

No, normally I do it on my own. There are a couple of tracks on this album that I did co-write, but most of the time I write the songs myself because they come from personal experiences and I find it easier to work that way. When we hear ‘Mi Ritiro’, this was half finished when I shared it with my accompanist, then we ended up writing it together. That was a new experience for me, I really enjoyed it. You have to really have to trust the person, so maybe on the next album there will be more co-writes.   

That sounds wonderful, now we are going to hear your first track from the album.. 

Yes, Jannie. Thank you, this is ‘In Too Deep’, the first song from the album which I released last April. It’s a really beautiful song. I hope everyone likes it! 

Absolutely lovely. 

Thank you so much. 

I have just been reading Michael’s message there. He just put something on Twitter and he said that he read that Natasha likes Puccini, Rachmaninoff and Debussy. I love Debussy and ‘Clair de Lune’.

It’s just beautiful isn’t it.

He says you have a great taste in classical music. Now listening to the first track on the show, lovely. 

Thank you so much.

It is gorgeous, and of course you wrote that yourself. An original track! 

I did yes!

It’s amazing! 

Well, I’m lucky to have worked with some really inspiring musicians. If it wasn’t for my producer, Tom E. Morrison, I don’t think the album would have ever have ended up sounding like it does. So, I really have to thank him. If you’re listen Tom, then thank you! When I came to him and I said about ‘In Too Deep’ I said that I wanted it to sound very ethereal, like Enya with some Lord of the Rings-like qualities. I wanted it to have some Celtic elements. I was thinking ‘wow, this is a tall order’ and he just absolutely nailed it. He really, really did!

He did, because that is just wonderful! An absolutely fantastic, first track. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get some CD’s out there to the public! 

Yes, if anyone wants to buy one, they can come to my website,, and they can have a look around. Find out more about me and I have got my music videos on there, the music video for ‘In Too Deep’ is on there, so if you like that track then you might want to see the visuals that go with it! I also have my shop on there so, please come along!

I will share your website, very shortly. But for now, we are going to play this next track. Do you want to introduce it?

Oh, yes, I would love to! This is ‘Jealous of Angels’ by the wonderful Katherine Jenkins.

*Plays ‘Jealous of Angels’*

That’s a fantastic track, isn’t it? It’s especially for Trisha, who listens in from Lincoln. I hope you are well Trisha, as I know you’ve not been too well recently, so I hope she feels better. 

I hope you get well soon Trisha.

We now come to the second track on your album, tell us a little bit about this track?

This is actually the second track on my album, and it’s called ‘Mi Ritiro’. I wrote it in Italian, this is one of the songs I spoke about earlier that I co-wrote. I co-wrote it with my accompanist, Stefano Marzani, it’s a love song, a sad love song, which most love songs tend to be. It’s about a girl that fell in love, realising that the person she has fallen in love with, is not the person she thought he was. She comes to the realisation and says to herself ‘I will retreat, retreat from this fantasy and illusion from this person and back to myself and let it go’.

Oh, I’m going to get all teary! 

*Both Laughs*

Do you want to introduce it?

Ladies and gentleman, this is the second track from my album, this is ‘Mi Ritiro’.

*Plays Mi Ritiro* 

It is just delightful to have you here, Natasha. We are having a bit too much of a nice time, aren’t we? 

We are, thank you so much for having me!  


You are very welcome. Tell us a little bit about yourself, you were a bit of a late starter, in terms of your singings… 

I was. I didn’t plan on becoming a singer, I didn’t think it was my destiny. I originally wanted to be an actress. I started singing lessons to add a feather to my bow, so to speak. But, I just fell in love with singing and I fell in love with the singing technique. My singing teacher, which I still have to this day, she is a classically trained opera singer and she is a highly trained voice coach. I believe that the gods lead me to her, it was because of her that I started training classically! So, thank you Mary-Lisa.  

The funny thing is, it is so difficult! I am a much more natural actress than I am a singer. It took a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance to sing rather than to act. I loved the challenge, the fact that when you’re singing you are literally using every muscle and synapse in your brain.  

You don’t think that do you? 

No, you don’t! I think that the whole point of singing is to make it look like you’re not actually doing anything. You’re just standing there, looking pretty and making a nice sound, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes! That’s how I became a singer.  


So, how long have you been singing now then? 

I have been singing around 20 years now. If there are any youngsters listening, then do your GCSEs in music because if you don’t take music at school, you tend not to follow that career path. I was an adult learner and because of this I was learning a lot of things that a lot of youngsters would have already learnt. It took me a lot longer to learn.  

When I started, it was part time thing, it was an add on to my acting career but I realised very quickly that it was the path that I wanted to choose. I knew deep down, that it was going to take a long time because I had to work full time to be able to afford singing lessons, they’re not cheap! 

Although, I say it has taken me a lot longer and I have taken a ‘strange’ route, it has been my journey. It has made me really appreciate and fall in love with my own voice and my own style and style of writing. It has happened for the right reasons.  


So, were your family not musical?  

The thing is, my family are musical! But, kind of, by default! My mum and dad used to sing around the house, we would always have music and CDs on. I took piano lessons as a child; I am one of four children so we couldn’t afford to keep that going when we struck a bit of a hard time. It became something that other people did; it wasn’t something that was thought of as a career path. I think now, there are so many more opportunities to get into the arts.  


Of course, they have a lot of these reality TV programs now that get people onto the stage who have never performed before and they sing! It’s incredible that people shoot to fame from a television program. You just need that one little break, thank goodness that you started singing when you did! You have a beautiful voice and it is all your own stuff as well!  

Yes, thank you, it has been an amazing journey and I am at the beginning of a new journey. I have got my album and people can hear my style, it is a very exciting time. Especially for the classical-crossover genre, it’s very exciting not just for me, but for the genre as a whole!  


I think that there is a younger audience now listening to classical crossover genre than there ever was! It has become quite trendy in a way. We have got Katherine Jenkins, and other artists, that are ‘chic’, modern and it is encouraging people to go down that route. I do think that it is a genre that needs to be celebrated, and I don’t think there is enough of it being heard on the radio. It is just gorgeous, isn’t it? 

I totally agree, I am so honoured to be here, Jannie.  

Aw, bless you.  

Your show is wonderful, the fact that there are so many different artists and we are all bringing something unique. No one artist is the same. We’ve all got our own tomba, every single nuance, we have all got something different and it’s so nice to be on your show where there is this real collective of artists, all of the listeners appreciating the work we are doing.  

Absolutely, of course we have incredible listeners, they tune in and listen to the show. They are very supportive of the artists and the work that they do. They listen online and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I am convinced that the show would not be what it is without those that are listening online, from all over the world! It’s just incredible.  

It is incredible, and if you’re listening now then thank you so much for listening to me. It’s an honour to be on your radio station! Thank you so much for supporting artists like myself, as you may know, I am an independent artist, I self-produce and self-funded this album. I haven’t got a label behind me, at the moment, we never know what is around the corner but it isn’t easy to be an independent artist! To be on this show and having you all listen, and be so supportive, it absolutely means the world!  


I think a lot of stations, like Classic FM, you could have one track played, maybe two, but I believe that you need to get to know the artist, it gives the listener a connection to the artist. You gain followers that way, you gain that familiarity and then when they listen to the music, they have spoken to you online and they feel connected. That is why this show is really different to any other show because it’s not encouraged. I truly encourage it because, independent artists, they need to be celebrated and a lot of the time their music isn’t heard. This show is just for that, because I truly believe that their music needs to be heard.  

Yes, you’re totally right Jannie.  

I have a Facebook page, Natasha Hardy Music, if you’re on Facebook then come and join us, give my page a like or a follow. I started doing a few live videos, because I get a lot of messages and it’s not always easy to reply to every single message but when you’re live it is a little bit easier, you can see the pop ups coming. It is so encouraging, it makes me want to put myself out there more, do live gigs. It’s an inspiration, not only of the listeners but also for us as the artists.   


This takes us onto the third track from your album, would you like to introduce this?  

Yes, so this is Il Segretto, this is the second of the two Italian songs on my album. This is Il Segretto, which means ‘The Secret’… 

*Plays Il Segretto* 

Wow, that is absolutely lovely.  

Thank you. Thank you so much.  


Tell me about your inspirations, I know we briefly talked about it, artists always look up to people. Sometimes, they’re influenced by their style. Have you got anyone who has real influence on your career? 

Definitely, I was brought up listening to things like Shirley Bassey and Harry Bellefonte because my mum and dad have very vast taste in music! I then developed the want to listen to lots of different artists and I would then pick the ones that I liked.  

One particular artist that really stuck out for me was Enya. I think she is a real visionary with the way that her voice sounds and the way that she layers her vocals. Although she doesn’t write her own lyrics, she works with an amazing lyricist, her music is so relaxing and has this warmth that I didn’t even know had influenced me until I started writing the album. I realised that it had to had an ‘Enya’ quality to it, I wanted my listeners to get lost in the music and that is what I try to bring into each of my songs.  

As well as Enya, I am also inspired by a lot of film soundtracks; composers such as Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, they have these big orchestral sounds that I really like. You’ll hear some of those orchestral qualities in my album. As I trained as a classical singer, I really liked singers like Renee Fleming and the quality of her operatic sound. This album brings all of these influences together and when I wrote and started singing, it’s not like I did it on purpose. It just happens. When you listen, you really can hear these qualities so it’s great to talk about my influences.  

It’s great, it’s gorgeous and I can hear the Enya influences in your tracks but a lot more in that track Il Segretto!  

Yes definitely.  

I can hear that Enya influence and it’s absolutely lovely. The next track is Strong, could you tell us a little bit about it? 

Yes, this is Strong, it is the last track on the album. It was inspired by my own journey, for me it wasn’t always easy to have self-love. I had to really learn to love myself, to not be afraid of myself. It took me quite a long time to really embrace myself and that is what this track is about. It’s about getting through all of those hard, sad times. Ultimately, we can turn it around and it can make us stronger. It can make us feel like we can achieve what we want to achieve in life. That is what this track is about, this is called ‘Strong’…  

*Plays ‘Strong’*  


*Both Laughs* 


I know, it’s a very powerful song! Thank you so much.  


We are going to go on to talk about the people that you worked with on that particular track in a few minutes, but I don’t want to miss these questions. Trisha, from Lincoln, said who would you like to duet with, with which song, or would you write one especially?  

I would really like to duet with Sébastien Izambard from Il Divo. I really love his voice, he is also a song writer, if you didn’t know this, then you should check it out, he has got his own album as well. If you go onto his website, he has his own album and he wrote the songs. I would love to duet with him but also write the song with him.  

Oh wow, that’s incredible! We have got Jim who is saying that he is a huge fan of the classical crossover genre and it is so refreshing to find someone who has original material.  

Thank you, Jim, thank you. I really appreciate that.  


We have a question here from Jim. He asks ‘if you could choose any venue in the world to perform in, what would it be?’ 

Oh, it would have to be The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, that or The Royal Albert Hall! It would be an honour to perform in my hometown. Although I’m not actually a ‘Londoner’, I was born in Hertfordshire in St Albans, but I have lived in London more than I have anywhere else! So, yes, The Royal Opera House or The Royal Albert Hall, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!  

*Both Laughs*  


So, tell us about the people that you have worked with for that track because I know you have worked with some incredible people!  

Yes, I am really lucky. I have my producer Tom E. Morrison to thank for helping me get Dermot Crehan, who plays violin on this track. If you don’t know him, you will know of him from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He played the violin and arranged all of the orchestra for the films. I am so honoured that he is on my record, ‘Strong’. The first time I heard him, I actually burst out crying. They had to stop the take as I started sobbing, it was so beautiful and it overwhelmed me. I am so happy that it turned out the way it did. ‘Strong’ was actually in a film, as the end credits song. The film was called Viking Destiny which was also an independent film. I am so honoured that my work is getting out to so many people!  


That is incredible, it really is incredible. So, how long did it take you to actually write the album? 

To actually write the songs it took me about a year. Then the following year, I arranged the songs. It took about 2 years in total. That’s not full time through, I have been working in between. 2 years in the making! 

Such a long time to do an album, but so worth it!  

It is interesting, because the album is your baby for such a long time and you wonder if it is ever going to end. It really is a journey. You go through this process as, for me, it involves very personal ideas and you can be very scared of letting people in. These are words from my heart, it is how I feel. I am at the stage now where people are listening to the album, which is actually just as exciting as making the album! To hear people comments tonight, it is an incredible feeling.  


It really is incredible. Now, I am going to play another track, ‘Beautiful Chaos’… 

Well, ‘Beautiful Chaos’ is probably the simplest track on the album but because of that it became the most difficult in a way. I wanted the arrangement to be very sparse, but when you do this, you have to make everything sound so perfect. There is no room for any mistakes, any little clicks or background noise. When we were in the studio, I think Tom thought I had supersonic hearing because I would hear a tiny click and I would say no we can’t have that.  

Normally what happens is we work with a scratch track; we have my voice and all the instruments arranged and recorded and then I go back and rerecord my vocals again so I am working with very perfect arrangements.  

So, ‘Beautiful Chaos’ is a combination of all of the wonderful things that happen when you fall in love and you’re not quite sure where it’s going to go. It really does feel like chaos, falling in love is hard to describe. This song is to represent that feeling of getting completely lost and not knowing where to go.  

Let’s take a listen to this, this is ‘Beautiful Chaos’… 

*Plays Beautiful Chaos* 


Thank you so much. 

It’s gorgeous. That sounded absolutely beautiful. I would describe it as crystal clear, very clear, just absolutely exquisite.  

Aw, thank you. You have summed it up exactly how I wanted it to sound. I wanted it to sound as though I was singing in a church on my own with my musicians, just singing out to the universe. I really hope I captured it!  


You really did, it was absolutely gorgeous. I know you have worked with a lot of people, producers etc. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by it all?  

We just talked about various things and you can sometimes, I know I am, be very self-critical. You were saying you feel the same sometimes, when you’re working with so many people do you think that you have to be spot on, absolutely perfect, and is that why you criticise yourself so much? 

Definitely. When you’re working with such high calibre musicians. Like Tom, my producer, he has done so much amazing work, it’s unbelievable. You really have to bring your A-Game. I can be so hard of myself. I do suffer from terrible imposter syndrome, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it? 

No, I haven’t? 

It’s basically where you don’t really believe that you are qualified to do what you’re doing. I think this comes from coming into music later in life. I think that when you do come to do something when you’re a little older, you’re on the back foot because you’re fighting with yourself. No one is saying anything, but you’re fighting yourself. I am getting better at it, it took me a little while! When the album was finished, I couldn’t listen to it for a while because I was so critical. However, now when I listen to it, I do think wow it’s amazing. Over the years, I have learnt to love my own voice and my musicality. When I started, I wanted to sound like Aretha Franklin, but I wasn’t born into that body! I had to learn to love how I sound and that every single voice is unique.  


Absolutely, that’s Absolutely beautiful. We have a few more to play from the album and I am very excited about it!  

Jim has said he doesn’t know if you’re aware that there is a little venue inside the Royal Albert Hall called the Elgar Room which has a 150-200 people seated capacity, it maybe worth enquiring about possibly doing a concert there, I would be there like a shot!  

Aw, thank you Jim. Well, I will definitely look into that.  


Absolutely fab. Of course, lots of people are interacting with us here and James Parker has said here, who were some of your early influences or artists that you looked up to? 

Well, there are quite a few! In regards to song writers, I really love Simon and Garfunkel. They are incredible. The way that they can put a song together, it is absolutely amazing. I think listening to Simon and Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell, really influenced me to be a songwriter. I do hope that other people sing my songs at some point. I think that is one of the wonderful parts of being a writer, I would love to see what other people can do with it!  

In regards to sound, I love Enigma. When I was younger, they were one of the bands that I was completely drawn too. It was like nothing I have ever heard before; it is such a crossover. They are one of the original bands to create the crossover genre. They were bringing these Gregorian style chants and mixing it with dance beats. It was incredible.  


When you’re going through life, you’re influenced by so many people and artists. Of course, you’re pulling little bits and taking inspiration from them all. I know that I do it in my work! But you find your own way, you can pull those in and that is how you develop your own style. This album is absolutely fantastic.  

Thank you, well these are definitely my songs. They are all written from personal experiences. The personal experiences, like any story, can become embellished. My father taught me that very well! That’s one of the great things about being a singer, songwriter, you can tell a story. My original training is in acting, so my job has always been to tell a story. This album is all about my story and my journey through love. From the heart aches to the fairy-tale fantasies that you feel when you fall in love. That’s why I entitled it ‘Lost In Love’.  


Absolutely, it really is. It drums up so many emotions and feelings and it is amazing how you put that into the album. I’m sure everyone can relate to one of the tracks on the album.  

Exactly, no one of us is ever not been influenced or effected by love.   

Absolutely. So, tell us a little bit about this track, ‘Crossing The Highway’, tell us a little bit about this and when you were writing it! 

Well, this is the song that started the writing of my album. I’m not sure if there are many listeners out there that use SoundCloud, but SoundCloud is a very good way to find independent artists. I was looking out for film music, as I find it very inspiring. I came across a song called ‘Crossing The Highway’ which was an instrumental track. It was so beautiful and I thought I wish I could write to this song.  

It really captured something inside me and so I got in touch with the producer. It turned out that this producer is actually a really big Hollywood film-music producer called Michael A. Lavigne. He has written and recorded for The Hunger Games, among his many musical productions. He’s really current, so I was a little bit embarrassed to get in touch with him! I um’d and ah’d as he was such a famous guy, but in the end, I plucked up the courage. I said that I really liked his track, ‘Crossing The Highway’, and I asked if I could write some lyrics and a melody for it. He said ‘yes, of course’ and he sent me the music and told me to get in touch when I am ready.  

I wrote the lyrics and the melody, I sent it back to him and asked if he liked it. He said he absolutely loved it! I asked that if I recorded it and sent it to him, could I have this song on my album. He said of course and that it would be his honour. The story doesn’t even end there because it wasn’t even until I put the song on my album that he then told me the real story behind where the song came from. It gets even more interesting as he told me that this track was written for a movie called Rango, it’s an animated movie where Johnny Depp plays the main character. This was one of the tracks that was used as a temp track in the movie and he scored it through Hans Zimmer!  


I know, so the track has this massive history!   

Anyway, the song didn’t get used in the movie in the end, they chose another track so this track was just lying there having nothing done with it! It has a really amazing story behind it, I am so grateful and honoured to have it on my album!  


Well, let’s have a listen, I am really excited to hear it now!  

*Plays Crossing The Highway*  

No wonder he loved that!  

Aw, thank you so much! When I heard his composition, I just imagined the visuals and the words. They came so easily and freely. It’s ‘Crossing The Highway’, it’s a song about leaving this life and going to the next. That’s why the lyrics are so meaningful, no one ever really dies they’re always with us. I wanted this to be a beautiful reminder of that journey that we all take eventually. That it can be beautiful and we can celebrate life. I wanted this song to have that quality of calmness and gentleness of someone leaving this world and going to the next.  

It’s absolutely gorgeous.  

Thank you Jannie.  

 Ooh, that really got to me!  

Oh, I’m so sorry! This often happens to me! I get in trouble as I always make people cry! If you’ve been crying this evening, I apologise unreservedly now! I think that’s what music is supposed to do to us. It touches us.  

Absolutely, absolutely.  


So, tell us, I know we touched on writing another album in the future, do you have any ideas now about what you’re going to base the album on?  

Oh, definitely. In my head, I already have a ‘Lost In Love’ Volume 2! It would be a continuation as there were some songs that didn’t make it onto this album. Sine making this album, I have a few ideas for new songs. However, I am holding back from writing at the moment as I want to concentrate on performing. I want to make sure I can get this album out to as many people as possible. I think by the end of this year, I’ll be writing again. It’s such a wonderful experience and I want to do it all over again.  


Do you have any concerts booked? 

I don’t at the moment, I have been planning what to do this year. I am looking for other artists that I can support because I want to get to as many listeners as possible. Like you said, in the classical crossover genre, it’s not easy to get listeners to come to concerts. I’m hoping over the summer I can do lots of smaller events, then I will have some specific dates for my own tour. I think the next 6 months is going to be very exciting!  

Watch this space then!  

I’m getting quite a few requests to go to America! However, if I go to America, I need to make sure it’s all organised properly so I can take all my musicians with me. It’s obviously an expensive thing to do, so I need to make sure that if I do it then I need to do it properly! I do think that my first concerts will be in London, so keep an eye on my website as that’s where it’ll be announced.  

Well, anything that you have got planned in the future, let us know and I will make sure to promote it on the show!  

Oh definitely, thank you Jannie.  


Let’s play another track, shall we play Tales of the Alhambra?  

Yes, this is Tales of the Alhambra. This is one of my oldest songs, I wrote it about 8 years ago. When I wrote it, I couldn’t finish it because I wasn’t sure what key to sing it in. I kept changing the keys because, when you hear it, there is quite a lot of orchestration, so it took me a long time to figure out what to do with it. When I started to write the album, all of a sudden everything just clicked! This is the thing with song writing, it can happen very sporadically, you have to wait for it to have its time and it’s time is now! So, this is Tales of the Alhambra…  

*Plays Tales of the Alhambra*  

Tell us a little bit more about performing, have you done much live performing?

Yes, for the last year or so, I have obviously been working on the album and promoting it up to a point. However, previously to that, I was singing all the time at special events, I used to sing a lot of cover songs and that was how I came to wanting to write my own music. I didn’t want to sing other people’s music, I wanted to sing my own! I think that is what really builds you as an artist, when you’ve had enough of singing other people’s songs, you’re hungry to write your own music. You hope and pray that is as good as the songs you’ve been singing. I’m hoping that people will like my material as much as I liked singing other people’s songs.

Fantastic, so would you like to introduce the next track?

Yes, this is ‘Enter The Gate’…

*Plays ‘Enter The Gate’*

That was wonderful! Well, it’s 20:53, I think we can squeeze two more tracks in from your album before we go!  

Oh, brilliant!  

Do you want to introduce the next track? 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening this evening. This is ‘The Tempest In My Heart’… 

*Plays ‘The Tempest In My Heart’* 

Oh gorgeous! Every single track is gorgeous.  

Thank you so much!  

I just noticed here, there is a message form Hulgar here on Twitter. He says that if there is another artist that you are looking to team up with perhaps you might consider the marvellous Eurielle music as a collaboration? She’s not just Enya-esque but also a fantastic performer!  

I will look into that, thank you so much. Thank you so much Hulgar, I really appreciate it.  

Your voices will really blend together beautifully.  

Thank you! You have done such an amazing job with this show, bringing people from all over the world to appreciate this music! The by-product of that is that you’re helping us to showcase our music! Thank you to all the listeners too.  


They are wonderful aren’t they! I say it every week, but I appreciate all of you! It’s such an honour to be able to bring classical crossover into your lives as I think it needs to be celebrated. I really think that we need to keep banging the drum, getting the artists in and to keep promoting everyone! Let the world know that this genre is here and it’s here to stay and that it is going to grow!  

I totally agree!  


So, we have come to the end of the show, it’s 20:59 and we are going to run over with this next track but I don’t care!  

Aw, thank you.  

It’s been absolutely wonderful having you in the studio, thank you so much for travelling all the way from London.  

Aw, thank you for having me.  

It’s been such a pleasure and thank you for the music.  

I just want to say thank you to you Jannie. It’s an absolute honour and a privilege for myself. I would like to thank every single one of your listeners this evening who have stayed and listened to my music and listened to all the stories behind my album. Thank you so much.  

I wish you all the luck in the world with your album because it’s just incredible. Thank you so much for coming in.  

Thank you.  

Do you want to introduce the next rack from your album? The final one!  

Yes, this is the last song and my personal favourite, this is called ‘Take Me Home’.  

*Plays ‘Take Me Home’*  

Date: 21/12/2021

Interviewer: Jannie Rawlinson

Interviewee: Natasha Hardy 

Radio Station: Classical XOVER 4U