Bright Eyes: Meet The Team

Written by Natasha Hardy


Posted on May 04 2022

It goes without saying that when making a song, it is a real team effort and I just wanted to introduce you to the amazing talented individuals that helped make my new single ‘Bright Eyes’ a reality.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team that brought Bright Eyes together… 


Producer: Peter Ren Renfree 

Piano: Stefano Marzanni 

Cello: Dirje Childs 

Violin: Michele Gazich 

Vocals: Natasha Hardy


Producer: Peter ‘Ren’ Renfree








First and foremost, I’d like say a huge thank you to Producer, Peter ‘Ren’ Renfree.  

Ren produced ‘Bright Eyes’ and miraculously managed to make the song sound very simple yet full with only voice, piano, cello and violin. It is no mean feat to be able to work with an artist you haven’t met, and to do this remotely during lockdown. It truly is a testament to Ren’s ability to be able to interpret my desires as an artist and to bring the musicians and voice together in such a pristine timeless production. 

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Piano: Stefano Marzanni








Thank you to Pianist, Stefano Marzanni, for playing and arranging the piano in such a beautiful and thoughtful way. Stefano believed in what I wanted to do with this song.  

He was so sensitive to the needs of the project and that is why I chose to work with Stefano again after he did such an amazing job on my debut album ‘Lost in Love’.  

To find out more about Stefano click here: 


Cello: Dirje Childs 








Thank you to Dirje Childs who sat for hours playing, arranging and recording beautiful, long lines of layered cello from her home studio in Texas. Dirje brings such a thoughtful expression through her cello that it is no wonder people have healed from her playing. As a certified music practitioner, it’s almost as if the cello is an extension of her heart.  

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Violin: Michele Gazich 








Thank you to Michele for playing such beautiful runs, bringing the shine with your wonderful interpretation with your violin to the track! Thank you for recording in Italy and being there for me when I needed to make this song during a global lockdown!  

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Vocals: Natasha Hardy 








It might seem strange to say thank you to myself, but I wanted to say thank you and remind myself that when I read this to remember how far I have come and to let you know that I love you, keep going!  


The Music, the Book and the Film that changed my life 

Last but not least, a huge thank you to Richard Adams for writing the book ‘Watership Down’ and to the amazing songwriter Mike Batt for writing ‘Bright Eyes’, your song will forever be in my heart. 

I eagerly watched the film and read the book as a child. Those precious memories of watching, reading and being with my Dad intermingle and hold so many precious memories for me that will forever remind me of my beloved Dad, John Hardy, who lost his 13 year battle with Prostate Cancer almost 3 years ago. 

My hope for ‘Bright Eyes’ is that anyone who listens will find comfort and healing as I did.









In the Studio…

It was great to be able to get back in the studio with Stefano, hopefully next time we will be joined by the rest of my wonderful team! 


Date: 04/05/2022

Interviewer: Emily Carter

Interviewee: Natasha Hardy