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Inner Petals Poetry Cards

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'Inner Petals Poetry Cards' - a collection of beautiful curated self penned poems.

This special collection of poems have the same themes that are woven throughout my album ‘Lost in Love’; Strength, Romance & Healing. 

My hope is that this harmonious trio of poems will evoke deep reflection, spark inspiration, and uplift your spirit, but above all, give you a sense of heartfelt connection on your 30 Day Poetry Journey.

'Empower' ~ ignite your confidence and inner strength ⛰️  

'Passion' ~ fuel your creative fire and enthusiasm ❤️‍🔥

'Sanctuary' ~ discover solace and peace amidst life's chaos 🕊️

Why ‘Inner Petals’? Because like the softest petals of a flower, poetry is delicate and is inspired by the heart. The poems I have written have helped me feel soothed, nurtured, and strong, and I want you to experience these healing words too!