Thor’s Day / Hardy’s Kitchen
Natasha Hardy_Thorsday

Thor’s Day Live Every Thursday


18.30 BST/ 1.30 EST/ 10.30 PST

‘Thor’s Day’ is a weekly live interactive show hosted on YouTube

⚡ weekly shoutouts

⚡ poetry readings

⚡ live giveaway competition

⚡ special guest appearances

Natasha Hardy_Thorsday


Hardy’s Angels Live Meet & Greet


19.00 BST/ 2.00 EST/ 11.00 PST

Monthly Live Meet & Greet on exclusive Facebook group ‘Hardy’s Angels’

💖 live interaction and chat with fans

💖 exclusive live performances

💖 exclusive behind the scenes content

💖 special guest appearances

Natasha Hardy_Hardys Kitchen

Hardy’s Kitchen

Live Cook-along


18.00 BST/ 13.00 EST/ 10.00 PST

‘Hardy’s Kitchen’ is a live interactive cooking show on YouTube

🍓 sharing favourite meals

🍓 live interaction and chat

🍓 singing along while I cook

🍓 having lots of fun