Therapy Through A Lense Interview

Therapy Through A Lense Interview

Hi there, 

I have recently had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Roach from Therapy Through A Lense about my journey through my musical career and the influences that have brought me to where I am today! I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about me!  

MR: Hi Natasha. Firstly, I would like to thank you for reaching out to Therapy Through A Lense, and secondly this is a huge honour to have an opportunity to interview a Contemporary Classical singer.   

Thank you so much Michael, it’s a pleasure to be here!  I was introduced to your magazine by some of my fans who had discovered my music, which is often described as healing and relaxing. I am a great believer in using music as a healing tool, so I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to share some of my music and musical life with the ‘Therapy Through A Lense’ audience.  

MR: So how have you been? How have you been keeping yourself safe during these difficult times, and what has kept you busy during the lockdown?   

I have generally been okay, I work from home mostly, as I have a home studio. In that respect, nothing really changed for me except for not being able to work in person with my regular musicians and singing teacher. I have been keeping myself busy during lockdown as I am currently in the process of recording a new album, but that has posed problems of its own as my producer and I aren’t in the same studio anymore; luckily with the technology that we have nowadays there are workarounds availableI don’t know what I would do without Zoom! What has impacted me the most is the social contact aspect of life.  I really missed my family and because my mum is a vulnerable person, it was 5 months until I saw her again which was really difficult to deal with emotionally.  Things are getting easier now, but I am looking forward to the day when we can all just hug one another again! I miss hugging a lot! 

MR: Can we start right at the beginning, what were your influences, what made you decide to become a singer and what age did you first start to perform?  

My influences are wide and varied!  I was bought up listening to Doris Day, Harry Belafonte and Simon & Garfunkel, which I think is where my love of pure melody comes from. I love world music and film scores, so I am really drawn toward wide orchestral arrangements with ambient qualities so composers like Hans Zimmer, Gabriel Yared and Howard Shore are probably what influence my soundscapes.  With regard to voices, I love the power and ethereal qualities of Amy Lee from Evanescence and Sarah MacLauchlan and when I started studying opera I fell in love with Renee Fleming and Angela Gheorghiu’s voices.  

I didn’t intend on becoming a singer I actually wanted to be an actress, but I decided to add singing lessons to add a feather to my bow so to speak and I just fell in love with singing and the rest is history as they say! I trained classically with my singing teacher, who was also a professional opera singer; from my first lesson, singing sparked something inside of me that acting didn’t meet, and I was hooked. As I didn’t start singing until my early twenties, I didn’t go through the traditional route of a conservatoire education, I went about it the hard way by working full time and paying privately. It’s been long hard journey to get where I am vocally, but it was definitely worth it!  I started performing professionally about 10 years ago when I started writing and producing my own dance music, following that I started my own music businesses performing 50’s music and singing classically at private events, weddings etc. After a few years of gigging around the country, I found that what I yearned for was to create my own classically inspired music and the idea of writing my own album started to form.    

MR: Your debut album ‘Lost in Love’ has been released, could you tell me a bit about the writing and the recording of the album?  ‘Lost in Love’ is my debut album, it’s based on the theme of love, wanting it, finding it, or losing it. 

‘Lost in Love’ is a collection of self-penned love songs inspired by my passions, heartaches and the fairy-tale fantasies that falling in love can bring. It was a real labour of love; in total it took two and half years to complete.  

Whilst writing the album, emotionally it was very cathartic. The songs I write are about my life, so they are based on my real-life stories, thoughts and fantasies, and to let that all out I had a to go to a deep, sometimes very dark place inside and revive buried emotions. Writing the lyrics for me was the easiest part, putting them together with music took a little longer, sometimes the process of writing a song can take hours or days but it often takes months to refine.  

Once I had completed writing all the songs for the album, I asked my friend and pianist Stefano Marzanni, to join me in creating some classical style piano arrangements for eight of the ten songs on the album. When all of the songs were ready, I teamed up with my amazing producer Tom E Morrison, Tom is a multi-talented producer and film composer (Bonnie Tyler, Viking Destiny, to name but a few).    Once Tom heard the songs and piano arrangements, he started to build the arrangements of the songs with full orchestration and dynamic instrumentation, I was blown away by his talent, I still am! We then set about deciding which musicians to approach and then recorded them (the musicians) and my vocals in his studio in North London.  

It was amazing working alongside Tom and all of the talented musicians that are on my debut album.  Thanks to Tom I am extremely honoured to have Dermot Crehan, world renowned violinist feature on my album. Dermot has played on so many amazing productions and film scores including feature film trilogy Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and with artists Andrea Bocelli, Carl Jenkins and Il Divo, so to have him play on my album is a dream come true!  Working with all the musicians being in such close proximity with them in the studio, watching my work come alive was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget and one that I want to repeat again very soon. The wonderful musicians that also play on ‘Lost in Love’ are Stefano Marzanni on piano, Alice Sophie on Cello, Anna Quiroga on Harp, Alexander Verster on Double Bass, Nick Lacey on Flute, Graham Pike on Brass and Tom E Morrison on Keyboards and Percussion.  I am also honoured to have written one song on my album with film composer Michael A Levine (Hunger Games, Siren) who also produced the song ‘Crossing the Highway’, it is a song that was originally intended for the animated feature film ‘Rango’ featuring the voice of Johnny Depp. It was actually this song that catapulted me into a writing frenzy for the rest of the album, so I will be forever grateful to Michael for giving me the opportunity to make music with him.  I learnt a lot from making this album! 

This album has definitely changed my life and helped me grow as a person. I think I went through a rainbow of emotions whilst making this album from fear all the way through to joy. I learnt to stick with my original material, to believe in myself and to honour the God given ideas and inspirations that have been gifted to me.

MR: Your singing is beautiful and haunting. Is there an artist or artists that you would love to do a duet with?   

I’d love to duet with Hauser, the cellist. I think the way he plays his instrument is beautiful and is completely voice-like.  If you haven’t heard of some of his duets, I would definitely recommend you check him out!  MR: You released ‘Lost In Love’ May 2019. Has the song writing started for the next album or are you working on other projects at present?  I am currently working on a new album. It is a beautiful collection of cover songs which I am recording in an ethereal and classical style with americana elements. I am really looking forward to sharing this album as I haven’t really explored recording covers before. I think it comprises a really relaxed and intimate style and it will introduce people to my voice in a way that they will feel familiar with, exciting times ahead!  For this album I am working again with the producer of ‘Lost in Love’, Tom E Morrison, and I am also working with another producer Peter Renfree, who is based in Nashville, USA.   

Working with both producers remotely has bought new challenges especially when it comes to recording musicians, so it will be a real achievement when it all finally comes together!  With regards to writing another original album, I have started having some inspiration for new songs so after this album I’ll be working on them, there will be a lot of music being released from me in 2021 I am sure!  MR: Finally, have you made plans for touring again, and in 2021 will you be doing a full UK tour (Wales).  I would love to tour – it really depends on the timing of everything, I wanted to tour with ‘Lost in Love’ but by the time I was ready to start a tour lockdown happened. If we get the album finished in time, I would definitely love to tour the UK, I will try to start it in Wales, watch this space! 

Interviewee: Natasha Hardy 

Interviewer: Michael Roach 

Magazine: Therapy Through A Lense 

Interview – BBC Radio Sheffield

Interview – BBC Radio Sheffield

Hi there,

Recently I had the privilege of speaking to Katherine Cowan about my journey through faith and its relationship with my music, how it has informed some of my musical influences and my way of life. I hope you enjoy this interview!

Let’s start at the beginning about your upbringing, you described yourself as growing up in a strict Christian household. What was that like? 

When I look back, it actually does help you. When you are brought up in a religious household where you are brought up reading the bible and you get to study scripture, it does give you a moral outline for life. But it also makes you think about religion and it makes you very aware that other people have religion, and it is important to a lot of people. I think it definitely helps to set you up to be more inclusive, I think, as you get older. At the time, when you’re having to read the bible it’s not always that fun (especially) when you’re a kid, but as you get older; I definitely think it helps.  

I think a lot of people when they hear the words ‘strict religious upbringing’ think of restrictions they think of not having your average childhood… 

Yes, I think my parents were very goodthey taught us to read the bible but then we would also have lots of time to play afterwards! Although I would say strict, I wouldn’t say strict as in we weren’t allowed to do certain things. I guess I was just very lucky with my parents. The good thing is, I know all the books of the bible off by heart! 

I bet you do, but I was wondering when you’re a child and you’ve been told ‘it’s time to read the bible’ are you actually taking it in and are you really engaging with the ideas within it or are you rote learning? Is it an exercise of rote learning? 

I think my Mum was very clever actually, I grew up being very interested in animals and she used to say, ‘God created this, and God created that’ and so it spurred me into thinking if that is God’s creation and I really like God’s creation then it must be a good thing. I think that it definitely is something that is how it is taught rather than what is taught sometimes.  

They were quite canny actually the way they did it! You mentioned that your faith has evolved into being more spiritual. Were you aware, or was there a moment, or has it been a long gradual process?  

I think it started when I was a teenager and you become more aware of other people religions.  What I have found as I was growing up was, you see other people’s religions and they all have a very similar theme. All religions tend to want to work together; live in peace and harmony and as I grew up and evolved, I think not being stuck to one thing sat with me a lot better.  

It made me more open to other faiths and as I’ve got older, I’ve become more spiritual, so I do things like meditation rather than just reading the scriptures. Although I do read the scriptures every now and then as they can be quite comforting if you are feeling down. There are other things I do enjoy; I go for a walk in the woods, I find that very spiritual and I can come away feeling very refreshed just from doing that. This probably goes back to my childhood where I did feel like nature is a very spiritual thing.  

When people say to me that they are more spiritual than religious, I often feel like it’s a sort of taking of the more loving aspects of various religions and rejects more of the sort of strict rules; ‘this is how you should live your life’, the rules that sort of are quite restrictive. Is that how you have evolved in your faith, do you stick to the rules that are laid down by organised religion or are you a bit more free? 

I think I am very free. I think what happened is, when I was growing up, I didn’t always agree with the inequality of the male, female relationship within religion. You have the male hierarchy, and something inside didn’t sit quite right with me and that just evolved as I got older.   

The two things that stuck out for me (from the bible) was how Jesus gave us two commandments which were to ‘love thou neighbour’ and to ‘love God’ and I used to always think ‘If God is Love then Love is God, so I just tried to live my life ILove more than anything. I even sign off emails and letters ‘In Love and Light and I think that (spirituality) encapsulates it more for me than anything else.  

How are your family with this change in the way that you view your faith?  

I think they are very accepting; everyone has their own journey in life and everyone is allowed that. I think that when we get older, we can either become very strict ourselves and say people should be doing the same as me or you can become very open and feel like everyone is allowed to do what they want.  

I am the latter, I feel like everyone can do what they want, and I am lucky that my parents, well my Mum and my Sister, and my Brothers, they are very loving towards me and they accept me how I am. I guess am very lucky in that respect, not everyone has that.  

Natasha, lovely to talk to you. We will be hearing more from you before 7. That was Natasha Hardy. Her journey of faith that she was telling us this morning; but firstly, we are going to hear her singing ‘In Too Deep’ from her debut album ‘Lost In Love’.   


What we didn’t touch on earlier, was that you have had bouts of depression. I wonder how your faith and spirituality helped you or indeed not through those times? 

Well, it’s interesting that you say bouts of depression, as sometimes it feels like more of about rather a small time in my life. I think my faith has really helped because when I have felt down, like I said, I do still read the bible sometimes and I do find comfort from scriptures.  

Especially, (can’t remember what the scripture is), but it basically says about God knowing the number of hairs on your head and how you are worth more than a sparrow. Those kinds of things do make me feel nice (better) 

The other thing that I do find really helpful is meditation. Meditation is one thing that I do feel is an amazing thing. It brings you back to a place of neutrality and takes away some of that anxiety and sadness when you’re depressed.  

The other thing that I use (because I do find it spiritual), is to connect with nature. That means going for long walks on the beach or out in the woods. 

There is also the important thing, that I have had to use myself, which is professional help. The one thing that sometimes a spiritual aspect doesn’t have, is having that response that we do desire from a human standpoint – whether that is a counsellor or a therapist.  That is something that has really helped me (with depression) 

You lost your Dad last year, and I wonder if you have gone on this journey regarding your faith. I wonder how you now feel about him and what happens to us when we die and the afterlife, whether or not you’ll see him again? 

Yes, well it’s an interesting subject and to be honest with you I don’t hold one particular answer. When my Dad passed away, I was devastated, obviously, and it’s taken me a year and a half to just come to terms with that he’s not physically here.  

What has happened when he did pass, is interesting because I do still feel like he is here. I never experienced a very close death before. I have heard people say, it feels like they’re still here and I do really feel that. The memory lives on in your heart but it’s more; there are times when I’m just about to wake up in the morning and I can feel my Dad speak to me. I am sure that on some level he is here, around, looking out for me and that is very comforting.  

What a beautiful thought, thank you for sharing that with us this morning. Now let’s talk about music, we had the absolute pleasure of hearing that song. It is a huge part of your life; do you bring your spirituality into your music? Is it a key part of it? 

Definitely, I think it is part of me and it comes in and out of my songs. This song, ‘In Too Deep’, it’s quite spiritual, but it’s a love song. There is another song on my album called ‘Enter the Gate’ and that is more of a transition song.  

I do feel like music and spirituality are very hard for me to split up and (so) when I write music I tend to go into a very quiet place and allow my emotions and feelings to come through my pen. I do feel like I’m guided and even if the song isn’t spiritual, I do feel like I’m being guided to write. I feel like I’m being channelled or inspired by something that isn’t just mewhich is an amazing feeling.  

When you sing, as I am not a religious person, but I have been in a Gospel choir. Anyone who knows me will be very surprised by this (!)and I think the closest I ever got would be that I would really feel something when singing with other people. There is something really magical about it. I wonder when you go into this mediative state when you write music, does this differ to when you’re actually performing? 

Yes definitely, the songwriting process I go into a cocoon. When I’m performing it’s almost like it’s the absolute opposite, I actually just become the channel for the song to be for others. It’s not my song anymore, I am actually singing it for others. It is a very visceral, beautiful feeling to sing and use your body. You use your mind, body and soul and it does have a very spiritual feeling to it. I never really thought of it that way, but that is why people sing. It is a wonderful feeling! (And) That feeling to know your song, your music and your talent is touching other people; that is the icing on the cake.  

I noticed that you Tweeted a photograph this morning, about to do the interview. You have a very good set up, your microphone looks better than mine! I was wondering, has this always been there or has this been due to the pandemic that you have now got all this kit. How have you been able to continue making music? 

Well, no. I am very lucky actually, I have, at the bottom of my garden, I’m a bit like a hobbit, a converted garage as a little home studio. I’ve had this for a few years now, so when the pandemic came not a lot changed for me. So in some respects, I have been very lucky. 

The things that have changed are not being able to have other musicians over, or producers. That interaction I really miss. Luckily, I’m pretty techieWell a bit more than techie, I’m a bit of a tech geek!! I have been able to transfer everything that I do, online. I’m glad you like my set up!  

I’m jealous. Natasha, we have actually run out of time but one last question. What is next for you? 

I am currently working on a follow-up album. I am still promoting my debut album, ‘Lost In Love’, because when it was released last year it wasn’t the best time. It’s like I am doing a double whammy. Next year is going to be a really big year so watch this space! 

It was so lovely to talk to you, Natasha  

Thank you so much for having me.  

Natasha Hardy, Classical Crossover singer shares her story with faith on BBC Radio Sheffield. 

Click here to listen to the interview in full!


Early morning coffee for an early morning interview!


Interviewee: Natasha Hardy

Interviewer: Katherine Cowan

Producer: Sarah Major

Radio Station: BBC Radio Sheffield

Date: 15th November 2020

Time: 6 am

3 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now

3 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now


3 things I’m grateful for right now:

1. My Health 2.My Mum 3. The NHS

Two years ago this month, my Mum contracted pneumonia, meningitis, and had a string of pulmonary embolisms…we nearly lost her. We (my family) took it in turns to sit by her bedside whilst the nurses told us it was touch and go. With the help of all the wonderful Doctors and Nurses they managed to get her back to full health. I don’t know what we would have done without the wonderful NHS here in the UK.

Now with the threat of the Coronavirus around it is a scary time especially for the elderly and those that are not in 100% health.

I am going to try to go about my daily routine as much as possible, eat healthily and stay warm as it’s really important more than ever to keep my immune system strong.

One thing you can do to strengthen your immune system is to watch a comedy or listen to uplifting music.

If you want to listen to an uplifting song listen to ‘Strong’ the final song from my album: I just want to take this opportunity to wish you good health and happiness!

I am sending you love and healing energy if you are are feeling low or under-the-weather at the moment…take care of yourself & keep warm!

Lots of love,

Natasha xxx

3 Things I Do Everyday As A Singer That Might Surprise You

3 Things I Do Everyday As A Singer That Might Surprise You


3 things I do every day to become a better singer that might surprise you:

  • Tracy Anderson Workout – one of the best workouts that I have ever done – I would definitely recommend this workout!
  • Practice my scales everyday – the workout never ends! Just like any athlete my vocal cords are muscles and they need a regular workout every day!
  • Plan my meals and snacks! I need to stay healthy physically and mentally! One of the best ways to do this is to make sure I am getting enough vitamins, minerals, protein etc in my diet. Luckily I love food planning, my favourite meal is breakfast, although I am known to have a second breakfast just like the Hobbits!!

Do you have something that you do everyday that helps in your work life?

‘Lost in Love’ – My Debut Album

‘Lost in Love’ – My Debut Album


Hi I’m Natasha Hardy, I am a singer-songwriter and I write my own music, which has operatic, orchestral, Celtic and ambient influences.

My debut album ‘Lost in Love’ has been arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered! ‘Lost in Love’ has been in the making for two and half years; I spent the first year writing and arranging the songs and spent the second year recording the album. My debut album has been a labor of love and I have put my heart and soul into it, I really hope you enjoy my album as much I have enjoyed making it! Read on and I’ll tell you a little bit more about the album in my own words …

The Story Behind the Title

The title of the debut album is ‘Lost in Love’ it is a collection of self-penned love songs inspired by my passions, heartaches and the fairy-tale fantasies that falling in love can bring. Have you ever been in love when you are at the dizzying heights? Have you ever lost a love where you are in the deepest lows? Have you ever been in love with someone that can never be yours? Have you ever met someone and thought they were perfect? This album as a whole is based on the theme of love; wanting it, finding it, or losing it. All of the songs were written from personal experience on some level and I am hoping you will connect with my songs and lose yourself in the musical journey I have created. I am so proud of the album, but most of all I am so proud that my stories are now ready to be part of your story.


I am so honored to have worked with Tom E Morrison who produced the album for me. Tom as a multi talented producer and composer has produced international artists (Bonnie Tyler, Roachford), various film scores and countless multi media. Tom recently produced the soundtrack for the movie ‘Viking Destiny‘ with Terence Stamp which features my vocals in the soundtrack and one of my songs ‘Strong’ from the album.

Tom E Morrison – Producer

I am also honored to have written one song on my album with film composer Michael A Levine who also produced the song ‘Crossing The Highway’, it is a song that was originally intended for the animated feature film ‘Rango’ featuring the voice of Johnny Depp. Michael has written for the feature film soundtrack to Hunger Games (Catching Fire) among others, and most recently the sci-fi fantasy mermaid TV series, Siren.

Michael A Levine – Producer (Crossing The Highway)


It has been amazing to have worked alongside all of the talented musicians that are on the debut album and I am extremely honored to have Dermot Crehan, world renowned violinist feature on my album. Dermot has played on so many amazing productions and film scores including feature film trilogy Lord of the Rings, Harry Potterand with artists Andrea Bocelli, Carl Jenkins and Il Divo to name but a few.

The wonderful musicians that also play on the debut album are Stefano Marzanni on piano, Alice Sophie on Cello, Anna Quiroga on Harp, Alexander Verster on Double Bass, Nick Lacey on Flute, Graham Pike on Brass and Tom E Morrison on Keyboards and Percussion.

Working with all the musicians being in such close proximity with them in the studio setting watching my work come alive was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget and one that I want to repeat again very soon.

Dermot Crehan – Award Winning Violinist

A little side story – When I was in the studio for the first time with award winning violinist, Dermot Crehan, I was holding my camera to film some behind the scenes footage and I had tears rolling down my face because the sound and the vibration of his instrument was just so beautiful. It touched my soul so deeply, it was a dream come true and in that moment I knew that this album was going to be very special. To see Dermot play his heart out because he really liked my songs was so humbling, and it is and real honour and privilege to have experienced that.

Making of the Debut Album

I learnt a lot from making this album! This album has definitely changed my life and helped me grow as a person. I think I went through a rainbow of emotions whilst making this album from fear all the way through to joy. I learnt to stick with my original material, to believe in myself and to honour the God given ideas and inspirations that have been gifted to me.


When I first started to write the songs for Lost in Love, emotionally it was very cathartic. The songs I write are about my life, so they are based on my real life stories, thoughts and fantasies, and to let that all out I had a to go to a deep, sometimes very dark place inside and revive buried emotions. I usually write lyrics first then the melody and then the harmony.

Writing the lyrics for me is the easiest part, putting them together with music can take longer as I ‘feel’ my way through the process. I’ll sit with the lyrics at my piano and play around for a while and write down what feels right or I’ll sing the melody and work out the accompanying chords. Sometimes the process of writing a song can take hours or days but it often takes months to refine. When the final result is intrinsically tangible, I know it’s ready.

Once I had completed writing all the songs for the album, I asked my friend and pianist Stefano Marzanni, to join me in creating some classical style arrangements for eight of the ten songs on the album. Stefano is a classical trained pianist but is also an amazing jazz and pop pianist so it was easy for him to understand the nuances I was trying to create in my compositions.

Working with Stefano was one of my favourite experiences while creating the album and I loved working on the arrangements that we worked on together. For me, a song that is built on voice and piano is like the backbone of any recording; if you can strip down a production to these two instruments with the melody, lyrics and harmony all well balanced and it still sounds good then you know you have done your job well.

Stefano Marzanni – Pianist and Arranger


Once all the songs were finished, my Producer, Tom E Morrison, really brought my songs to life. Because he has such a wealth of knowledge, experience and excellent musical taste he was really able to get into the mindset of what I wanted especially when it came to crossing over genres, experimenting with specific sounds and making the album cohesive.

Tom was instrumental (pardon the pun!) in making my debut album, he worked so hard not only on all the arrangements but also with me on my vocals. I am a perfectionist and we spent hours working through each production with a fine tooth comb to get the clean crisp sound!

I think producers are the unsung hero’s of any song or album and I really couldn’t have made this album sound the way it does without Tom. Tom worked tirelessly making all the arrangements and production sound amazing, and it was so lovely to work with him especially while we were recording the musicians.

When we were recording the vocals I tried to capture my voice with it’s vulnerable yet powerful quality to compliment the Celtic, operatic, orchestral and choral elements. I actually really love how all the backing vocals that make up the choral elements turned out, recording vocals was the icing on the cake for me. After recording all the musicians and getting the track ready for me to sing on, it was such an amazing experience to finally sing my songs and literally pour my heart into singing them.

Tom and I spent a lot of time together really getting everything perfect and over the course of the year we became very good friends and it’s thanks to Tom that I have the wonderful musicians Dermot Crehan, Graham Pike and Nick Lacey playing on the album.

Just a little side note – Tom’s nickname for me was hawk ears because I was such a perfectionist in the production process, but I think the end result is definitely worth it, I hope you agree! I will be forever grateful for to Tom for helping me make my dream come true!

My Influences

I have many influences, and you will hear them in my music. I think there are three categories that I can group my influences in, Artists, Composers and Singers. The Artists that I think influenced me the most are Enya and Enigma, the operatic voices of Maria Callas, Renee Fleming and Angela Georgiou and film music producers such as Hans Zimmer Gabriel Yared and Alan Silvestri.

I love Enya, I grew up listening to her music, she has this timeless quality to her voice and music and whenever I hear her I am instantly transported to another world, which is what I had hoped for my album. I am also influenced the artists collectively known as Enigma, I really admire the production style, it is flawless and I love how the voices seem to seamlessly melt into eachother.

I love film scores and film music producers such as Hans Zimmer who has scored for some amazing films; a few of my favourites to mention are Inception, Interstellar and Gladiator. I also love the composer Gabriel Yared who scored the English Patient, Betty Blue and Amelie. But I think my favourite film composer is Alan Silvestri, who scored some of my favourite films including the Abyss and Cast Away.

The Artwork

I wanted the album artwork to capture the look of someone that is just about to tell you a great story, you don’t know how it is going to begin or end but you know it is going to be a good story with some heartache, some anticipation and a sprinkling of wonderment thrown in. I don’t know if I actually managed to capture all of that on my face, but if you knew me you will know that when I have that look, something wonderful is going to happen!

It’s a weird thing having your photograph taken, for the album cover I actually had so many photographs taken but it was only when I commissioned Maria Mirage that she was able to capture this look. I had seen some of her photographs, she takes a lot of fantasy inspired photographs of mermaids and princesses, water nymphs etc and I fell in love with her work. As soon as I saw the photograph she had taken of me, I knew that it would be the right one. Actually, during that shoot I was the most relaxed I have ever been in a photoshoot.

I wanted to be surrounded by flowers and roses to represent romance and the ethereal princess quality of a fairytale, because when you are in love that’s how it can feel, it can be completely surreal! The princess style dress along with the flowers portray the fantasy elements that I so love.

The dress I am wearing was a wedding dress that I bought from a lovely lady near the south coast of England. She had only worn it once on her wedding day and had kept the dress in a pristine condition for 10 years. I loved the romance of the story of wearing a dress that someone had been blessed with love in. I customised the dress myself, I changed the neckline and added sleeves to make it even more romantic. I knew it had to be red because red for me is the colour of passion, romance and root emotions.

The back cover where I am laying down represents the dream that I am in. If you look at my hands you can see that I am pointing to the song listings, this represents my invite to you to join me on the ‘Lost In Love’ musical journey.

In the album artwork, I also have photography by Paul Stott who is a long time friend and photography collaborator. I will be doing a special edition of the Album with his photographs at some point so watch out for future limited editions! The photograph of me laying down on the tree is a photo that I didn’t know he was taking, I was just laying there in between other takes and I just think he managed to capture a moment where I really was lost in thought, I really was one with the universe and nature and I just thought it was so appropriate to have it as part of the artwork.

I also have a wonderful photograph taken by Magdalena Smorlenska that was actually taken not very far from where I live. I commissioned Magdelena after explaining my vision to her, and after showing her my red dress and my music video for ‘In Too Deep’ I knew she would be able to capture some wonderful movement photography as I had seen some of her award winning photographs of dancers. The final artwork photograph is slightly digitally manipulated to give a feel of even more movement and it is one of my favourite photographs ever taken of me.

My hopes for the album

I think the biggest hope is that people will enjoy my music. Music is such a huge part of life; I would love my music to become part of your life story. I hope when you listen to my music you are transported to your own private kingdom where you can become lost in love, whether its to mend a broken heart, transform a dream into a magical moment or transport you to another time and place.

If I can heighten a moment of emotion and become part of your life, story and memory, I have done my job well. I am now looking forward to making my next album but most of all I am excited and looking forward to working with my band and performing my songs live for you.

I have put my heart and soul into this album; from the cinematic styled arrangements to my heartfelt lyrics, I am really hoping you will connect to the songs and they will become just a part of your life as they have been a part of mine.

Sending love & light,

Natasha x

Enter The Gate

Enter The Gate


Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by to read my new blog post.  This post is quite a personal post and I wrote it because I really wanted to share the background of my song ‘Enter the Gate’ and why it is such a special song to me.

It is not always easy to share feelings through words, and I am usually much better at doing this in a song form (!) but I feel that as an artist and as a human being it is really important for me to be able to allow myself the gift of ‘letting go’. So thank you for taking the time to read, I’m honoured that you are here.

For me writing and making music is all about the art of expression; expression of my feelings, my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams.  I have always found such comfort and release from being able to write from my heart, so I hope the story of ‘Enter the Gate’ gives you a little more insight into to my world as a human and as an artist.

Time is the greatest healer they say, and for the most part I believe that is true, however something that I find profoundly healing is the gift of music. Music to me helps me move from reality to another world where I can find myself on a whole new level, whether that ultimately be physically or spiritually.

Have you ever put a song on and it makes you want to dance? Have you ever listened to a song that just makes you want to cry? Have you ever heard a piece of music that just allows you to drift, drift into your own inner consciousness and be one with yourself and the whole world?

Yes I hear you cry! I happens to me all the time too! Well that is what I hope happens when you listen to my song ‘Enter The Gate’.

I really hope that my song touches your soul and that it may become part of your life as it part of mine.

So here goes…

It has been a really difficult year for me, unbeknownst to many I lost my beloved Father this year after he had a 13 year-long battle with prostate cancer.  My Father or ‘Pops’ as I affectionally called him was a very special man.  We were so similar in so many ways and there are endless amounts of things that I could tell you about him, but hey, just take my word for it, if you met him, you would have loved him!

He meant the absolute world to me and there will never be enough space on the page to tell you all about him, but one thing was for sure, he really loved my album and he was so proud of the music I was creating, and that’s the reason why I wanted to release ‘Enter the Gate’, as my third single from my debut album ‘Lost in Love’ as a loving dedication to him.

But there is, as there is with a lot of my songs, more than meets the eye within the lyrics and meanings that they convey.

My song ‘Enter the Gate’ is no different and contains the metaphorical message of the journey of both self-discovery and transition from one state to another.

When I wrote ‘Enter the Gate’ the title of the song just seemed to sum up everything that I was trying to explain in one phrase, but it wasn’t until later that I realised this phrase had been used before.

I am really interested in self-discovery and learning about our feelings and what makes us so human and so over the years I have read a lot of books by different authors about the self, our divine self and also about self-improvement or self-help and transformation into our best self.

It was actually when I was reading a book called ‘Fear No Evil’ by Eva Pierrakos and Donovan Thesenga that I came across the phrase ‘Enter the Gate’. In the book they talk about entering the ‘gates’ of our emotions. For instance, it talks about fear being an illusion and when we go through the gate that we are fearful of (by feeling our way through) we go on to discovering our true self.

For example (and I quote) “…Through the gateway of feeling your weakness, lies your strength; through the gateway of feeling your pain lies your pleasure and joy; through gateway of feeling your fear lies your security and safety;…”

All the time while my Father was ill and was fighting his long battle with cancer I was so fearful and dreaded the time when he would not be able to fight anymore, and not knowing when that would be was awful.

When my father did leave this physical world even though I was devastated and broken-hearted I still felt relief for him, for he was no longer in pain; and however much I miss him dearly, every single day I miss him, one thing that I am so grateful for is that he is no longer in pain.

So if there is a heaven, I can imagine angels asking him to “Enter the gate with me…”.

Sometimes I feel like the little voice in my head who is always telling me ‘everything will be okay’, ‘you got this’, and ‘you can do this’ is the part of me which inspires me to never give up, to never lose hope and to always carry on and live life to the full as much as I possibly can even when I smile through the pain.

And sometimes when I get to the point where I ‘enter the gate’ of non-resistance, I feel like everything will be and is okay.

And so my song ‘Enter the Gate’ seemed to be more important to me than ever as I feel like it is a song that I can dedicate to him and dedicate to anyone who is going through any kind of transition personally, on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

I hope this blog has given you some insight into why this is such a precious song to me.

As always sending you so much love from the bottom of my heart,

In Love & Light,

Natasha x