I just thoughts I’d share with you some of the amazing photo’s that were taken whilst we were shooting the music video for my new single ‘Enter The Gate’ taken from my debut album ‘ Lost in Love’!

As you can imagine it was a bit of a whirlwind trying to shoot with a small team but I think you will love the results!

We shot the music video in Liverpool, near Formby woods and on the beautiful sand dunes.

We were really lucky to have such good weather although the first day of shooting was a bit breezy to say the least!

I am used to waking up early in the morning and hopefully it will show in  the footage, as I wanted to make sure we had a sunset and a sunrise to go with the lyrics of the song.

I am now working with my lovely Co-Director and Director of Photography Steven Wheeler to get the first ‘Cut’ as Steven will also be editing the the video; its a real pleasure to be able to work with him during this process, as it’s amazing to be able to see my vision come to life!

I am also so excited as I’ll be starting the ‘Enter The Gate’ Campaign soon and you will be able to be a huge part of this next stage of my musical journey!

See you soon!

In Love & Light,

Natasha x